Eating for Erectile Health

In an online article by Healthline Editorial Team, Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It is also referred to as impotence.

Formerly, this particular dysfunction had been pegged to happen to men within a certain age range. In the same publication, a 2013 study found that one in four men that come seeking their first treatment for erectile dysfunction was under the age of forty.

This has particularly made it clear that other than age, life choices are basically important factors that determine erectile health. Smoking, stress, depression, diabetes and other health conditions are all harbingers of erectile dysfunction.

This sums erectile dysfunction as a sickness that attacks men of all ages, the only differences are that it could have medically induced or a psychological by-effect. Another difference is the point of discovery.

Among life choices that affect erectile health are smoking, food choices, and dependence on erectile treatments and enhancements. Dependence causes late discovery because in most cases, the man using the enhancement drugs or medication is already used to taking them. Medications like Viagra, be it the herbal viagra or sildenafil citrate.

Having pinpointed little details about erectile dysfunction, the part about food choices being a determinant factor of erectile dysfunction will be paid attention to. While overthinking precautions for erectile dysfunction can actually make the anxious man develop said dysfunction, thinking in the direction of developing right eating habits and on schedule, helps in correcting erectile dysfunction.

In other words, there are foods/fruits and drinks that help in correcting erectile illness and stimulate sexual desire. Among them are COFFEE

Since achieving and maintaining an erection is all about blood flow, it stands to reason that with coffee, there is a chance for better erection.

Grant Stoddard in his article titled "The Best and Worst Drinks for Your Penis" said that "caffeine triggers a series of pharmacological effects that lead to the relaxation of the penile helicine arteries and the cavernous

smooth muscle that line cavernosal spaces, thus increasing penile blood flow". Put simply, coffee kicks up adrenalin and blood flow, even for pipes that assist turgidity in sexual organs.

You remember OYSTERS?- Raw, smoked, baked, roasted, - any form. Oysters are libido stimulants and are widely know to serve as aphrodisiacs. This is due to being part of the Twelve Mollusca, a group of shellfish that are rich in rare amino acid that triggers increased levels of sex hormones as oysters have vitamin B6 and zinc which give necessary boost and assistance.

Eating hot CHILLI could also be of advantage and while it is believed that chillies helps in the reduction of weight as it pushes out sweat from the body who burning fat and expands the blood vessels which means that penile nerves get more blood to sustain and maintain erections. As the heart also pumps more blood, there is a reduced chance of depriving the body system of blood benefits.

BANANAS are also one of the foods that one should get acquainted with for better erectile health. Bananas have high contents of potassium which also helps the overall in the body by keeping the blood pressure regulated which ultimately helps in preventing erectile dysfunction.

SALMON- Omega3 Fatty acids prevents blood clots and keep the arteries in good condition to handle blood flow at all times. The best source for Omega3 fatty acids is Salmon among other oily fishes.

PORK - This meat in its various forms contains a high level of Amino Acid like B1 and it strengthens the nervous system. This amino acid is also a Good sex up the sleeve in combating erectile dysfunction.

CHERRIES are also a point to consider when thinking of erectile health as they contain flavonoids that clean the arteries, restore vascular health and ultimately blood flow into the penis.

Considering all possible help in blood flow will definitely lead to ONIONS & GARLIC They are rich in phytochemicals like allicin which is a blood thinning agents that boosts the production of nitric oxide to enhance blood circulation to the whole body system including the penis.

TOMATOES and GRAPEFRUIT are quite rich in lycopene which also increases circulation and are very effective in preventing vascular and erectile problems.

Considering the fact that it is not just about getting it up when it is time for fun, the actual health of the sperm should be considered.

This is why vitC is very important when dealing with erectile dysfunction. Vitamin C generally helps with

wounds and takes care of the system, it also improves the motility of sperm and general sperm health. The best ways to get this vitamin is from ORANGES and PEACHES

Eating EGGS, whether hard boiled or scrambled or prepared any other way is also in the plus column of fighting erectile dysfunction. Eggs are rich in vitamins B5 & B6 that alleviate stress and bring hormonal level balance.

To move further in correcting erectile dysfunction which one of the tools is secreting enough nitric oxide in the body brings us to WALNUTS and ALMONDS. These contain significant amounts of vitamin E which enhances said secretion.

To protect erection and avoid dysfunction, while alcohol is considered to be unhealthy for achieving and maintaining an erection, antioxidants present RED WINE opens the artery which is another boost in producing nitric acid which mainly expands blood vessels.

This is similar to what Viagra does with the difference being that Viagra works on smaller veins to give an instant boost while two glasses of red wine work on all the nerves that pump blood.